As Therapists, we needed equipment but couldn't find it. So we built it & now we want to share it with YOU!
Virtual 10-Minute Balance Training Sessions

Virtual 10-Minute Balance Training Sessions

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Fear of falling? Tired of feeling unsteady on your feet? 10-Minute Balance (10MB) is a program to help improve your balance without requiring you to leave your home. With a high-level of professional instruction, Virtual 10MB sessions are a great way to start exercising balance. Virtual 10MB allows a skilled Therapist to work with you, no matter where you live!

All sessions are live and 1-on-1 with Shane Haas, PT. In addition to 20+ years of experience as a Physical Therapist, Shane is the founder of ADL 365 Inc., author of Balance Training: 5 Laws & 100+ Exercises, and inventor of over 10 different therapy-related products. You will be in great hands with Shane as he guides you on your journey to better balance. 

Don't let another day go by with bad balance, begin to take control of your balance today!


  1. Single Session: $95.00 per session. Includes PDF copy of 10MB book & Daily Exercise Sheet.
  2. Six-Session Package: $495.00. Includes PDF copy of 10MB book & Daily Exercise Sheet.

Upon purchase of your Virtual 10MB training session(s), we will contact you for scheduling within 24 hours.