ADL Balance Trainer

ADL Balance Trainer

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Many IPR and SNF patients cannot sit or stand without assistance. If they can’t sit or stand, then they are not likely ready to go home. This is where the ADL Balance Trainer really shines. It provides therapists with new treatment options to help patients develop early postural control. Highlights include:

  • Therapist can spot/facilitate patients from front in both sitting and standing. Ideal for lower level patients. 
  • Fills void in balance equipment for patients in the Max-CGA range. These patients are too high level for standing frames, but not safe enough for actual ADLs. 
  • Comes with ADL Balance Games booklet for practical ways to improve cognition, standing endurance, & balance. Visio-motor and visual perceptual challenges are helpful to patients recovering from CVAs and TBIs. For more information, see blog "7 Areas ADL Balance Trainer Helps with Cognitive Rehab."
  • Cross-disciplinary: PTs & OTs love the ADL Balance Trainer.
  • Focus on function - 4 adjustable platforms allow for graded challenges to reaching & balance. Help simulate ADL movements - reaching into cabinet, stooping to pick up items off floor, etc.  
  • Useful for wide range of patients - 5 easy set-ups for sitting and standing balance.
  • Integrates easily with existing equipment (harnesses, wheelchairs, standers, rocker boards, foam, etc.).
  • Low maintenance - no electricity needed.
Purchase orders: We understand many buyers do not want (or work in systems that do not allow) large purchases on credit cards. For PO procedures, please call us directly at (806) 785-6300 for details.

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