Balance Training by ADL - Private Seminar

Balance Training by ADL - Private Seminar

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Balance Training by ADL targets one of the most misunderstood aspects of therapy: BALANCE. Covering static, dynamic, and reactionary balance, this 6.5-hour course unpacks balance rehabilitation in a practical, clinically-relevant format. Beginning with a foundation in balance systems, assessments, and prescription parameters, this course continues to provide practical, hands-on learning for balance assessments, exercises, and gaming. Highlights include the following: new treatment strategies/exercises, “balance laws,” new equipment ideas,  exercise prescription parameters, and a wide-range of options for continually progressing and challenging balance. Help better prepare patients for the unexpected by attending Balance Training by ADL.

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Author: Shane Haas, PT, MSIE, CPE

*Approved by TOTA #338-05; TPTA 63837

Live Course Schedule/Agenda (6.5 Hours)
  1. Balance Basics (1 hr.)
    1. Definitions
    2. Strategies
    3. Systems
  2. Balance Testing (45 min.)
    1. Surveys
    2. Standardized Assessments
    3. High-Tech Tools
  3. Hands On Lab for Balance Testing (45 min.)
  4. Balance Exercises (1.5 hr.)
    1. Static, dynamic, & reactionary balance exercises
    2. Exercises selection strategies
    3. Core strength & balance
    4. Balance prescription parameters
    5. Optimal balance intensity
    6. Progression strategies for balance exercises
    7. Learning to stand without hands
    8. Diagnosis-specific balance considerations
  5. Balance Games (45 min.)
    1. Randomized stepping exercises
    2. Placing games
    3. Scrambler
    4. Unscrambler
    5. Simon
    6. Cashier
    7. Match Maker
    8. Line Up
  6. Hands On Lab for Balance Exercises (45 min.)
  7. Modifications for Balance (1 hr)
    1. Home assessment
    2. Home modifications