ADL Rumble Board

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There are a wide-range of tilt and wobble boards on the market, so why add another one? In our experience, most existing boards are too difficult for non-expert users. Additionally, no existing board incorporates haptic feedback. The ADL Rumble Board is a tilt board made novel users. Highlights include:

  • Less aggressive arc on bottom for less instability.   
  • Notching provides haptic feedback, e.g., small vibrations indicating that the board is tilting.
  • Slide-resistant bottom to reduce board slippage. 
  • Handles for easy carrying and handling.  


    • Base is powder-coated steel. Deck is 1/2-inch Baltic Birch wood with routed edges, coated, and includes grip tape. 
    • Dimensions: width 20 inches, length 14 inches, height 4 inches.
    • Weight: 8 lbs.