100+ Exercises
>20K Possibilities

Want more ideas for BALANCE exercises? Want engaging ways to improve BALANCE? This book is for YOU! With an emphasis on pictures and practical exercises, learn over 100 ways to improve static, dynamic, and reactionary balance. 


Exercise Details

Each of the 100+ exercises includes detailed information on how to set up, start, perform, and finish. Functional benefits are also listed for each exercises - great for education and documentation.  Common variations are listed to give you more ideas on how to modify exercises as needed to better meet the needs of your patients/clients. 

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    Shane Haas, PT

    Shane Haas, PT, MSIE has 20+ years experience treating patients with balance problems. He works in an outpatient setting in New Braunfels, TX. Shane's wife, Leigh, is an OT and together they have numerous exercise innovations, including the ADL Balance Trainer, ADL Leg Press, Bandy Board, ADL Balance Mat, ADL Quadrant Hurdle, and more. Shane enjoys sharing balance training tips on the ADL Balance Blog and teaches Balance Training: 100+ Exercises for PTs and OTs nationally. A '96 graduate of the Physical Therapy program at the University of Florida, he went on to Texas Tech (Master’s degree in Industrial Engineering in '02) and earned Board Certification as a Professional Ergonomist from the B.C.P.E. Shane & Leigh founded ADL 365 Inc. to help bring better exercise training tools and techniques to the world. Stay tuned to ADL 365 Inc. for more innovations in exercise, balance training, and fall prevention.