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Crosswalk #4: Activities-Specific Balance Confidence Scale and Haas Balance Book

The Activities-Specific Balance Confidence (ABC) Scale is a survey for patients to record levels of confidence in a variety of activities. The Haas Balance Book is a collection of over 100 exercises to improve balance. Based on results of the ABC Scale, exercises can be selected (from the book or elsewhere) that target survey items with a low score. Exercises that more closely simulate the low-scoring items have a higher potential for a positive training benefit/outcome. For example, if patient scored low on Item 2 (going up and down stairs), exercises can be chosen that require motions similar to going up and down stairs (Exercises 52, 57, 74, & 82 from the book). The crosswalk below references exercises from Haas Balance Book to items on the ABC Scale:

Each item on the ABC Scale asks "how certain are you that you will not lose your balance or become unsteady when…" performing the activities listed below (ITEMS 1-16). Corresponding exercises from the Haas Balance Book are listed below each item:

ITEM 1: Walking around the house

Exercise 40: Standard Gait

Exercise 41: Gait – Side Steps

Exercise 43: Gait – Cross-Over Steps

Exercise 44: Gait - High Steps

Exercise 48: Gait + Head Movements (Turns or Tilts)

Exercise 51: Gait Over Obstacles

Exercise 52: Gait On Obstacles

Exercise 53: Gait Around Obstacles

Exercise 60: Pivoting Drills

Exercise 78: Randomized Turning

Exercise 81: Randomized Gait – Forward/Backward

ITEM 2: Going up and down stairs

Exercise 52: Gait On Obstacles

Exercise 57: Stepping On/Off Obstacles

Exercise 74: Randomized Stepping On/Off Obstacles

Exercise 82: Randomized Gait + Uneven Surfaces

ITEMS 3-5: Picking up a slipper from the floor, Reaching at eye level, & Reaching for something while standing on you tiptoes

Exercise 7: Weight Shifting – Forward & Back

Exercise 8: Weight Shifting – Hip Swivels

Exercise 9: Ankle Strategy

Exercise 10: Hip Strategy

Exercise 12: Standing + Reaching Up

Exercise 13: Standing + Reaching Overhead

Exercise 14: Standing + Far Reach

Exercise 71: Randomized Reaching

Exercise 88: Placing Games

Exercise 89: Scrambler

Exercise 90: Unscrambler

Exercise 91: Match Maker

Exercise 92: Line Up

Exercise 93: Simon – Upper Extremity

Exercise 95: Cashier

Exercise 96: Copy Cat

Exercise 97: Chasing the Pin

ITEM 6: Standing on a chair to reach for something 

Same exercises as ITEMS 3-5

Exercise 16: Feet Together

ITEM 7: Sweeping the floor

Exercise 5: Weight Shifting - Lateral

Exercise 6: Weight Shifting - Rotations

Exercise 7: Weight Shifting – Forward & Back

Exercise 60: Pivoting Drills

Exercise 78: Randomized Turning

ITEM 8: Walking outside to a nearby car 

Same exercises as ITEMS 3-5

Exercise 45: Gait on Soft Surfaces

Exercise 47: Gait on Slope

Exercise 48: Gait + Head Movements (Turns or Tilts)

ITEM 9: Getting in/out of car

Exercise 26: Sit-Stands

Exercise 72: Randomized Sit-Stands

ITEM 10: Walking across a parking lot

Same as Item 8

ITEM 11: Walking up and down a ramp

Exercise 47: Gait on Slope

ITEM 12 & 13: Walking in a crowded mall, Being bumped while walking in a crowd

Exercise 64: Manual Perturbations

Exercise 65: Hand Pull-Release Perturbations

Exercise 66: Pulley Perturbations

Exercise 67: Elastic Band Perturbations

Exercise 68: Rocker Board Perturbations

Exercise 69: Holding Unstable Object

ITEMS 14-16: Using an escalator while holding the rail, Using an escalator while not holding the rail, and Walking on icy sidewalks

No corresponding exercises in Haas Balance Book for these items.

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