As Therapists, we needed equipment but couldn't find it. So we built it & now we want to share it with YOU!

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Stand, shift, lean, stoop, twist, bend, stretch & reach for better balance!

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Turn 15 Gait Challenges Into 2,400 Possible Gait Exercises

Turn 15 Gait Challenges Into 2,400 Possible Gait Exercises

When was the last time your patient said "I don't need a cane or walker?" In their mind, they don't need one on flat, level flooring under ideal co...
New Year 2020 and Balance Intensity 20:20

New Year 2020 and Balance Intensity 20:20

I hope you are enjoying your start to 2020! This is the perfect year to highlight the balance training principle of 20:20. This post will help you ...

Bandy Board

This exercise device makes it easy to build strength wherever you are (patient rooms, rehab clinics, homes, and more).

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Our facility purchased the ADL Balance Trainer in 2015 and it has quickly become one of the most utilized pieces of equipment in our therapy gyms. It is versatile and can be used for seated, standing, and other functional training. Both Physical and Occupational Therapists utilize this device frequently in treating balance for mobility and ADL’s. An added bonus is this device does not require power and can be placed anywhere. 

Seth Torres OTR, MOT, Director of Therapy Operations Trustpoint Rehabilitation Hospital of Lubbock

We really like the ADL Balance Trainer and utilize it several times a day. We see a lot of carryover to other tasks. Our Speech Therapist likes to use the Balance Games from a seated position to work on memory and cognition. I really appreciate the adjustable platforms, we use them often to challenge patients to improve. I am glad that we have it here, and I will keep encouraging Rehab Pro to utilize them in the future at more buildings.

Kyle Meeks, PTA, Rehab Manager Crystal Park, RehabPro

The ADL Balance Trainer has been a great addition to our facility. I enjoy using the Balance Trainer for dynamic balance and reaching activities to improve ADLs and IADLs. The games have a great cognitive component and can be graded in several ways to meet the needs of the TBI and stroke populations. 

Kristen Pope, OT

"I have practiced 44 years and your balance book is excellent. I am very impressed with your work!! " 

Marilyn Holt, Physical Therapist, Director of Rehabilitation at LTC Support Services

Built to Last

We believe our balance equipment should be built to last. Our goal is to make high-quality products that last for years and can be easily repaired. 

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