ADL Balance Trainer

ADL Balance Trainer

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The ADL Balance Trainer emphasizes function (reaching, stooping, placing, retrieving, etc.) to improve balance. Gaining steadiness & confidence with functional tasks is key to patients being able to go home safely. ADL Balance Trainer highlights include:

  • Focus on function - 4 adjustable platforms allow for graded challenges to reaching & balance.  
  • 5 easy set-ups for improving balance in sitting and standing.
  • Allows therapist to spot/facilitate patient from front, side or behind.  
  • Comes with Balance Games - engaging and challenging ways to improve cognition, standing endurance & balance.
  • Cross-disciplinary: PTs, OTs, & SLPs all use the ADL Balance Trainer.
  • Integrates easily with existing equipment (harnesses, wheelchairs, standers, rocker boards, foam, etc.).

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