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ADL Balance Trainer

ADL Balance Trainer

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Build balance in a functional way with the ADL Balance Trainer! Help individuals stand sooner and with more confidence as they build steadiness in reaching, shifting, and moving. Like parallel bars for walking, the Trainer helps build balance for activities of daily living. Highlights include:

  • Closely spot/facilitate patients from the front
  • Cross disciplinary (PTs & OTs both love the Trainer)
  • Works for sitting & standing exercises
  • ADL Balance Games compatible
  • Useful for low & high level patients
  • Easy to adjust to progress levels of difficulty
  • Integrates with existing equipment (standing frames, harnesses, wheelchairs, foam, rocker boards, etc.)
  • No electricity needed
  • Visio-motor and visual perceptual challenges helpful for those recovering from CVAs and TBIs - see blog "7 Areas ADL Balance Trainer Helps with Cognitive Rehab."
Check or Purchase Orders (POs): Please email POs to and mail checks to ADL 365 Inc., Attn: Shane Haas, 187 Lost Creek Drive, Bulverde, TX 78163. Call (806) 785-6300 for any additional information. 

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