Innovative Products for Building Better Strength, Balance, and Function

About Us

Our products are for YOU because we are YOU. ADL 365 Inc. is 100% Therapist owned business and we specialize in inventing, testing, making, and supporting products and programs for therapists. It started with the ADL Balance Trainer because I wanted/needed more options for balance training than what I had available in the parallel bars. I envisioned adding reaching, weight shifting, and other functional movements into early balance training. A couple of prototypes later, the ADL Balance Trainer was born and we were on our way as a company. 

We strive to improve REHAB in the following ways:

  1. Make products that are not already available. We do not want to be a "me too" manufacturer.
  2. Make products that meet a valuable need in rehabilitation. If there is not value for the patient, then we don't want to make it. 
  3. Make products that therapists use - a lot. We don't want products that will sit in the back of a closet.

On a personal note, I enjoy using our products in my clinical practice because they help patients get better. I hope you and your patients will enjoy the same experience. Thank you for considering ADL Balance products - we appreciate your business. 

Shane Haas, PT, MSIE - Co-Founder of ADL Balance