ADL Balance Trainer

ADL Balance Trainer

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Improve ability to stand safely without help or hand support. Build confidence and ability to stand and reach high, low, and across midline—key aspects of preventing falls and safely completing most ADLs.

Highlights include:

  • Cross disciplinary (PT’s & OT’s love the Trainer)
  • ADL Balance Games compatible
  • Easy set ups for sitting & standing balance
  • Useful for low & high level patients
  • Quick adjustments to increase/decrease difficulty level
  • No electricity needed
  • Integrates well with existing equipment (standing frames, harnesses, walkers, wheelchairs, foam, rocker boards, etc.)
  • Therapist can spot/facilitate patients from front in both sitting and standing - ideal for lower level patients 
  • Fills void in balance equipment for patients in the Max-CGA range
  • Visio-motor and visual perceptual challenges helpful for those recovering from CVAs and TBIs - see blog "7 Areas ADL Balance Trainer Helps with Cognitive Rehab."
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