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ADL Balance Trainer

ADL Balance Trainer

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Use movement to improve standing and balancing. Build steadiness and confidence through progressive reaching challenges - key aspects of safely completing activities of daily living. Highlights include:

  • Easy to spot/facilitate patients in machine
  • Cross disciplinary (PTs & OTs love the Trainer)
  • Works for sitting & standing exercises
  • ADL Balance Games compatible
  • Useful for low & high level patients
  • Easy to adjust to progress levels of difficulty
  • Integrates with existing equipment (standing frames, harnesses, wheelchairs, foam, rocker boards, etc.)
  • No electricity needed
  • Visio-motor and visual perceptual challenges helpful for those recovering from CVAs and TBIs - see blog "7 Areas ADL Balance Trainer Helps with Cognitive Rehab."
Check or Purchase Orders (POs): Please email POs to shane@ADLbalance.com and mail checks to ADL 365 Inc., Attn: Shane Haas, 187 Lost Creek Drive, Bulverde, TX 78163. Call (806) 785-6300 for any additional information. 

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