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Product Spotlight: ADL Quadrant Hurdle

The ADL Quadrant Hurdle was created to improve dynamic standing balance, specifically the ability to step over small obstacles. The need to avoid obstacles while taking confident and coordinated steps is important to reducing one’s fall risk. Examples of real-world activities that require stepping over obstacles include getting into/out of a shower or tub, walking over a door threshold, lifting foot onto a curb, stepping over objects in a pathway (roots, cords, uneven concrete, rocks, pets, etc.), etc.. The ADL Quadrant Hurdle is an obstacle for stepping balance exercises. Use the colored posts (red, yellow, green and blue) to engage individuals in balance games (see Training Guide for details). The addition of balance cards creates randomization and helps improve reactionary balance. By randomizing the colors called out, the individual must stay alert (ready to move in either direction in response to card color), responsive (must act quickly before next color is called), and engaged (use of gaming keeps patient interested). When a higher degree of difficulty is needed, use the optional 6-inch Hurdle Stands to raise the ADL Quadrant Hurdle off of the ground. Higher stepping heights mean increased single leg stance and postural challenges. In summary, the ADL Quadrant Hurdle is a great tool to improve balance for stepping over small obstacles and improve confidence in negotiating life’s hurdles! 

See short videos below for more information on the ADL Quadrant Hurdle.