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Turn 15 Gait Challenges Into 2,400 Possible Gait Exercises

When was the last time your patient said "I don't need a cane or walker?" In their mind, they don't need one on flat, level flooring under ideal conditions. As therapists, our minds are thinking about all the different surfaces, directions, and obstacles that can present problems and lead to falls. While the patient is thinking of the 1 way everything can go right, we are thinking of all the ways it can go wrong. It is our job to prepare patients for these conditions, so they can safely return to their homes and communities. Below is a list of 15 gait challenges you can combine to create 2,400 different gait exercises (see video for more information):

  1. Gait - Forward
  2. Gait - Side Steps
  3. Gait - Back Steps
  4. Gait - Cross-Over Steps
  5. Gait - High Steps
  6. Gait + Head Movements (Tilts or Turns)
  7. Gait + Eyes Closed
  8. Gait + Soft Surface
  9. Gait + Resistance
  10. Gait On Slope
  11. Carrying Stable Object
  12. Gait Around Obstacles
  13. Gait On Obstacles
  14. Gait Over Obstacles
  15. Gait Under Obstacles