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Wall Off Exercises to Improve Balance Recovery

Wall offs target hip strategies to improve balance recovery. This video demonstrates 3 variations: posterior, anterior, and lateral. Because losses of balance can occur in any direction, this wall off video has you covered. 


In my 20+ years of experience training balance, it is my opinion that hip strategies are often overlooked in rehab. My theory is that when we are young, we rely on our hip strategies often to keep balanced on beams, boards, playgrounds, sports, etc. However, as we age, we no longer play at the playground (which would be creepy), stand on skateboards (which is dangerous), nor participate in sports. As we become less daring and less active, our hip strategies aren't needed, and, as a result, go into hibernation.

It is our job as therapists to awaken and reintegrate hip strategies into balance recovery. You will see older patients progressing from ankle to stepping strategies for balance recovery. They skip over hip strategies entirely - huge opportunity for improvement! Hip strategies are powerful for balance recovery. Helping patients reintegrate hip strategies in their balance recovery progression will help improve their confidence and reduce their risk for future falls. 

While this video is a great starting point for reintegrating hip strategies, be prepared to be patient with your patients. Hip strategies require coordination. Many patients will need encouragement, patience, and time to relearn and effectively use them in their balance recovery. Your effort will not be in vein, however, as unexpected losses of balance (slip, trip, nudge, bump, etc.) will be thwarted and falls will be prevented with the addition of HIP STRATEGIES!

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