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Handy Board

Handy Board

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The Handy Board is a great tool to help improve arm control for individuals with limited hand function. By securing the hand flat on the platform, it helps reduce unwanted muscle tension/movement and fosters an ideal set up for regaining arm control. 

Easy to position, intuitive to use, and a breeze to clean, the Handy Board is a valuable addition to your exercise equipment options. Exercises include passive assisted, active assisted, static holds, weight acceptance, small arcs, extended arcs, and circumduction.

Additionally, the Handy Board is height adjustable, allowing for exercises to be performed in either seated or standing positions.


  • Platform is 10 3/4 in long and 6 1/2 in wide at fingers and 11 in wide at thumbs.
  • Height adjustable from 17 in to 61 in tall. 
  • Includes elastic bands. 
  • Works with either left or right hands.