ADL Quadrant Hurdle

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Stop putting tape on the floor! The ADL Quadrant Hurdle is an easy way to add multi-directional stepping, weight shifting, and randomized stepping to your treatments. The colors help make it easy to add randomization and gaming. The height of the hurdle forces patients to lift their feet while stepping. Add function and fun to your stepping drills with the ADL Quadrant Hurdle.


  • ADL Quadrant Hurdle
  • Balance Cards (3 Red, 3 Yellow, 3 Green, 3 Blue)
  • ADL Quadrant Hurdle Training Guide 


  • Hurdle is made of schedule 40 PVC 1 ½ inches in diameter. 
  • Ships in 4 pieces and is easily assembled with screwdriver.  
  • Assembled dimension: width 4 ft x 4 ft.