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ADL Quadrant Hurdle

ADL Quadrant Hurdle

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Surprisingly we could not find a piece of equipment that included obstacles and multi-directional stepping/pivoting. We also wanted it to challenge reactionary balance. To meet this need, we created the ADL Quadrant Hurdle. The 4 colored poles form the hurdles and provide a great way to train stepping and reacting exercises. Add ADL Hurdle Stands to increase the hurdle height (and degree of difficutly). 


  • ADL Quadrant Hurdle
  • ADL Quadrant Hurdle Training Guide 


  • Hurdle is made of schedule 40 PVC 1 ½ inches in diameter. 
  • Ships in 4 pieces and is easily assembled with screwdriver.  
  • Assembled dimension: width 4 ft x 4 ft.