ADL Rumble Board

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There are a wide-range of tilt and wobble boards on the market, so why add another one? In our experience, most existing boards are too difficult for novel users. Additionally, no existing board incorporates haptic feedback. The ADL Rumble Board is a tilt board made for rehabilitation. Highlights include:

  • Less aggressive arc on bottom for less instability.   
  • Notching provides haptic feedback, e.g., sensory feedback indicating that the board is tilting.
  • Slide-resistant bottom to reduce board slippage. 
  • Handles for easy carrying and handling.  


    • Base is powder-coated steel. Deck is 1/2-inch Baltic Birch wood with routed edges, coated, and includes grip tape. 
    • Dimensions: width 20 inches, length 14 inches, height 4 inches.
    • Weight: 8 lbs.