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ADL Balance Trainer Versatility

The ADL Balance Trainer is a versatile piece of equipment. Below is short video showing variety of balance challenges with the Trainer. It focuses on reaching/placing tasks to improve balance and is useful for sitting, standing, and those learning to stand again without hand support. Enjoy! 

    Set ups include:

    1. Facilitated sitting with therapist in front of patient.
    2. Static sitting (patient able to sit without assistance).
    3. Facilitated standing - patient learning to stand again without hand support.
    4. Static standing (patient able to stand without help).
    5. Dynamic standing with patient moving outside of Trainer to complete balance challenges.
    6. Specific set ups patients recovering from CVA including pusher's syndrome and poor hand support.
    7. Variety of balance games that challenge balance + cognition. Helpful for improving pattern recognition, problem solving, memory, and more. Gaming also engages patients in exercises, making balance training more fun. 

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