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Crosswalk #5: Timed Up & Go (TUG) and Haas Balance Book

The Timed Up and Go (TUG) is a timed walking test that helps establish a patient’s risk for falling. The Haas Balance Book is a collection of over 100 exercises to improve static, dynamic, and reactionary balance. Based on results of the TUG, exercises can be selected (from the book or elsewhere) that target elements of the test noted to be slow and/or unsteady. TUG elements include: sit to stand, walk 10 feet out, turn around to return to chair, walk 10 feet back, turn around to sit in chair, and sit down. Exercises that closely simulate slow or unsteady elements of the TUG will have a higher potential for positive training benefits. For example, if patient had difficulty turning around, exercises can be chosen that require turning and pivoting (Exercises 58, 60, & 78 from the book). The crosswalk below references exercises from Haas Balance Book to elements of the TUG.

Sit to stand

  • Exercise 26: Sit to Stands
  • Exercise 72: Randomized Sit-Stands

Walk 10 feet out

  • Exercise 40: Standard Gait
  • Exercise 41: Gait – Side Steps
  • Exercise 42: Gait – Back Steps
  • Exercise 48: Gait + Head Movements (Turns or Tilts)
  • Exercise 53: Gait Around Obstacles
  • Exercise 55: Stepping Drills
  • Exercise 75: Randomized Stepping + Clock Yourself
  • Exercise 81: Randomized Gait – Forward/Backward
  • Exercise 83: Gait + Start-Stops

Turn around to return to chair

  • Exercise 58: Quadrant Stepping
  • Exercise 60: Pivoting Drills
  • Exercise 78: Randomized Turning

Walk 10 feet back

  • Same exercises as 'walk 10 feet out'

Turn around to sit in chair

  • Same exercises as 'turn around to return to chair'

Sit in chair

  • Same exercises as 'sit to stand'

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