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Randomized Reaching Exercise to Improve Balance for Reaching Down

During this exercise, the patient places a cone on the ADL Balance Mat that corresponds to the number (1-12) called out by the Clock Yourself App. Because the numbers are called out at random, the patient has to react quickly in order to complete the reach before the next number is called out. 

The speed at which the numbers are called out is easily controlled on the App. Speed up the rate to emphasize reactions and reduce planning. Less time between numbers increases the likelihood of making a mistake, e.g., reaching in the wrong direction and having to quickly correct in order to make it to the original targets.

The functional benefit of this exercise is improving balance and confidence when reaching down to the floor. Low reaching is common in daily activities such as feeding animals, cleaning, and yardwork, to name a few. 

Example training parameters would be 2 sets of 30 cones at a frequency of 20 cones a minute. Adjust frequency up or down to increase the difficulty level of the exercise. 

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