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Unable to Stand Without Help? The ADL Balance Trainer Can Help.

Weakness, unsteadiness, and fear are common reasons why patients struggle to stand without help. These patients are usually working to overcome effects of a stroke, brain injury, hip fracture, fall, or other neurological or orthopedic injury/surgery. Because they need help, they are usually not safe to go home (from the hospital). As such, these patients take a course of therapy in inpatient rehabilitation hospitals (IPRs) or skilled nursing facilities (SNFs).

The ADL Balance Trainer is designed specifically for these patients. It helps build confidence in standing and prepares patients for safe performance of activities of daily living, e.g., cooking, cleaning, washing, and dressing, to name a few. Because patients need both hands for these tasks, they must stand and balance without hand support. This is where the ADL Balance Trainer really shines!

The Trainer helps therapists work closely with patients on standing balance, progressing from supported standing to standing without hand/arm support. It also continues to build functional balance via reaching-based challenges, similar to actual ADLs. With easy to adjust platforms, the Trainer allows for continuous grading of intensity, e.g., the further the reach, the bigger the body movements, and greater the balance challenge. Reach low, high, far, and across midline with the Trainer, while maximizing therapists’ ability to facilitate, spot, and encourage patients to push their balance limits.

Add the ADL Balance Trainer to your facility to better prepare patients for standing challenges and improve their readiness for a safe return home.