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Why is ADL Balance Trainer a Key Piece of Equipment for IPR & SNF?

The ADL Balance Trainer is balance equipment designed specifically IPR & SNF.  It is designed to help get patients ready to discharge home. For this to occur, patients need to be safe and steady in two basic areas: walking and reaching. Walking is important to get from place to place, and reaching is equally important to getting things done once you are there. Studies show 95% of ADLs involve movements of the trunk and arms. We reach up high (to get cups or dishes out of cupboards), low (pick up shoes up from floor), and far away (retrieve items at the back of the fridge or pantry). It is its ability to improve balance while reaching that makes the ADL Balance Trainer a must for IPR & SNF. Just like parallel bars and walking, the ADL Balance Trainer is a fundamental to improving reaching - which is half the battle in getting patient ready for home!

But wait there's more:

  1. Use it to improve sit-to-stand transfers. See blog post "5 Tips for Learning to Stand Again Using the ADL Balance Trainer."
  2. Use it to improve sitting balance. See post "3 Ways to Improve Sitting Balance with the ADL Balance Trainer."
  3. Use it to improve dynamic balance. See post "2 Tips to Improve Dynamic Balance with the ADL Balance Trainer."
  4. Use it to improve cognitive ability. See post "7 Areas the ADL Balance Trainer Helps with Cognitive Rehab."

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