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5 Tips for Learning to Stand Again Using the ADL Balance Trainer

5 Tips for Learning to Stand Again Using the ADL Balance Trainer

As the inventor and avid user of the ADL Balance Trainer, I will spend the next couple of blog posts on treatment tips with the Trainer. While it w...

Part 3: List of Must Have Balance Training Equipment

In the previous post “The Business Case for Better Balance,” I wrote that being the best at balance is a competitive advantage and includes excelling in 3 areas: knowledge (see 5-Point Check of Balance Knowledge post), equipment, and systems. In respect to equipment, I stated the best “have the equipment needed to treat various balance problems […]

Part 1: The Business Case for Better Balance

Why should your facility be the best at treating balance problems? It can mean taking better care of your community. It can also mean additional referrals and revenue. Below is the business case for better balance programs. Our population of older adults is growing. By 2050 the population of older adults in the US will […]

3 Factors to Balance When Prescribing Balance Exercises

Prescribing exercises to improve balance can itself be a balancing act. Push too hard and your patient loses their balance too often and can feel insecure and discouraged with exercise. On the other hand, if you don’t push hard enough, your patient will not make significant improvements in steadiness and balance. Below are 3 points […]

5 Ways A Cloud Can Help You Prevent Falls

We know from research that falls are caused by a variety of reasons (balance, muscle weakness, poor vision, polypharmacy, bad shoes, low blood pressure, etc.).  The challenge for most clinicians is keeping track of which reasons, or fall risks, are affecting which patients, and to what degree they can be used to make treatment decisions. […]